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    品質產品 > 防護口罩 > 一次性立體口罩KN95


    (庫存 8986 件)




    【產品規格】152mm*105mm ±5%

    【執行標準】GB2626-2006 KN95
















    [product name] Personal protective mask kn95

    [product No.] K-54

    [product specification] 152mm*105mm ±5%

    [execution standard] GB2626-2006 KN95

    [product structure and composition] consists of mask body, metal nose strip and mask belt. The maskbody consisit of four layers of inner and outer layers of spun-bonded non-woven fabric, Hot air non-woven fabric,intermediate layer of fusion-sprayed non-woven fabric .

    [product date] April 9,2020

    [validity] 24months

    [name of manufacturer] Fuqing Yixingtang Sanitary  Products Co.,Ltd

    [address of manufacture] 2/F,B5 Standard Workshop, Jiangyin Industrial Zone,Fuqing City,


    [contact NO.]0086591-85966118

    [scope of application] Suitable for protection against all kinds of particulate matter

    [Storage conditions] Avoid direct sunlitght, avoid high temeperature and humid environment;

    [notes] Disposable products,do not use twice

    [method of use]

    1. Open the package,take out the mask,hold both ends of the mask,with the bridge of the nose facing up;

    2. The mask covers the mouth,nose and jaw,and the ear band covers behind the ear;

    3. Adjust the bridge strip and fit it to the bridge of the nose;

    4. Adjst the position of the mask appropriately to make it comfortable to wear;

    5. Wear the mask correctly according to the mark on the front and back . Keep your hand away from the inside of the mask.



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